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Financial terms starting with "S"

1. Structured Query Language (SQL)

2. subtotal

3. Split print

4. Soft capital rationing

5. Supply Control

6. Social Benefits

7. safe edge file

8. Sight Unseen

9. Swear

10. Signal

11. Subsidiary Merger

12. Stock Grants

13. speculation home

14. stepped coupon bond

15. Short Call

16. sell forward

17. Salomon Brothers World Equity Index - SBWEI

18. shareholder activist

19. Self-Similar

20. Sampling Technique

21. square boxes

22. stud shoe

23. status quo

24. SITC

25. Spendthrift Clause

26. SLMA

27. sliding window

28. slip

29. Syndicated Eurocreditloans

30. societĂ per azioni

31. Securities Industry Automation Corporation (SIAC)

32. steenth

33. second earner

34. Septtrigintillion

35. Specialist System

36. stock turn

37. sealer

38. safe asset

39. sub-underwriter

40. structural fiberboard or insulating board

41. Secondary Offering

42. sales department

43. Significance

44. Semivariance

45. Spousal Support

46. Seasoned Mortgage

47. subrogation release

48. Selling Rate

49. Standard Statistical Units

50. Secert Ballot

51. Sell-side analyst

52. Smog

53. Second Generation

54. Straight Bill of Lading

55. senior manager

56. Sunk Cost

57. Switch card

58. Soil Surface Nitrogen Balance Indicator

59. StockWatch

60. silver ETF

61. sublease, subleasing, subletting

62. sui juris

63. Securities markets

64. Sea Traffic

65. Structured product

66. spread duration

67. Status Symbol

68. Sua Sponte

69. state administrator

70. Subject

71. Sealed Verdict

72. Sensitive market

73. sandbag

74. Shark repellant

75. short-rate cancellation

76. slander

77. schedule bond

78. Sample Estimator

79. stockbroking

80. screen wall

81. Steady state

82. severability provision in directors and officers applications

83. subsurface drain

84. screw pitch gauge

85. Synthetic convertible

86. section

87. site analysis

88. stay-in-place forms

89. Supplemental Needs Trust

90. subordinate loan

91. straight paper

92. Silent partner

93. sale price

94. Sarbanes–oxley Act

95. Stevedore

96. Smithsonian Agreement

97. Supplemental

98. Soft Sell

99. spreader

100. speculative flow

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Definition / Meaning of

Dollar-weighted Rate Of Return

Categories: Accounting, Investing and Trading,

The rate of return that would make the present value of future cash flows plus the final market value of an investment or business opportunity equal the current market price of the investment or opportunity; in other words, the rate of return at which the net present value of the project is zero. If the internal rate of return exceeds the cost of financing the project, then the project is viable. The internal rate of return is also useful in ranking competing investment projects (the higher the internal rate of return, the better the project is), but there are some limitations with this technique. First, if cash flows change from negative or positive, or vice versa, a unique internal rate of return cannot be calculated, Second, in the case that competing projects are being considered, the internal rate of return criteria sometimes gives a different ranking than the net present value criteria. Thus, net present value is usually preferred over internal rate of return, since net present value is a specific number and is usually easier to calculate. also called dollar-weighted rate of return.

Most popular terms

1. Hacker
2. Common Shares
3. Motor Vehicle
4. 403(b)
5. Fronting
6. Employee Retirement Income Security Act Section 510
7. Option Backdating
8. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Of 1990
9. Separate Account Fund
10. Absolute Exclusions

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