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Financial terms starting with "S"

1. sprinkler system

2. Save Harmless


4. Seigniorage

5. stock-for-stock reorganization

6. skyrocket

7. Striking Price Intercal

8. State's Attorney

9. Subprime

10. Satisfaction Of Judgment

11. Speech-based Technology

12. spoil

13. Special Commissioners

14. self-made man

15. Surveillance System, Environmental

16. squawk box

17. Subordination clause

18. SEFs

19. Specialist's short-sale ratio

20. Strong dollar

21. Safe Deposit Box

22. Sole Custody

23. straight-lining

24. shank

25. Shark

26. Supervisory Authority

27. securities fraud

28. Sidebar

29. Spread order

30. Separation theorem

31. SIM Card

32. State Emergency Response Commission (SERC)

33. strike plate

34. Structured Query Language (SQL)

35. sewer line easement

36. Services ISIC Rev. 3

37. Sandbagging

38. sacrifice ratio

39. Stock watcher (NYSE)

40. Sma

41. Stutzer index

42. spread sectors

43. Sequestrate

44. Spendthrift Trust Clause

45. subprime loan

46. Spot rate

47. Stock buyback

48. Scaling

49. Switch card

50. stair riser

51. Self-employed income

52. Single Premium Policies

53. short term capital loss

54. Sub-bituminous Coal

55. spacer

56. Selling Rate

57. Safe harbor lease

58. SET Index

59. SIA

60. Sector Neutralizing

61. stapling hammer

62. Staggered board of directors

63. Spot month

64. standards of practice

65. Selling the spread

66. seizing

67. settlement or closing fees

68. single lite

69. Stock list

70. skimming price

71. Services, Personal

72. speculative value

73. subject policies

74. Sample Kurtosis

75. Skort-Swing Transaction

76. Stopping curve refunding rate

77. Stratified sampling approach to indexing

78. Shark Watcher

79. Semideviation

80. street improvement

81. Société des Bourses Françaises

82. Support Our Law Enforcement And Safe Neighborhoods Act Of 2010

83. stack

84. Sewerage

85. Subordinate Financing

86. Secondary Mortgage Market

87. self-liquidating bond

88. sales chart

89. Solvent

90. surface gauge

91. Special Language

92. Section 16(b)

93. Savings account

94. Spearin Doctrine

95. slip

96. Sturd-i-wall

97. Substituted Service

98. Subsidiary ledgers

99. Savings element

100. Stock selection

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1. Bankruptcy Proceedings
2. Contingent Commission
3. Lead Time
4. Retaliation Claims
5. Highest And Best Use
6. Distribution
8. Franchised Monopoly
9. Stowers Doctrine
10. Catch-up Contribution

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