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Financial terms starting with "S"

1. Small-capitalization (small-cap) fund

2. S&P 500

3. strip lumber

4. Social Benefits Other Than Social Transfers In Kind

5. Succession Planning

6. Sector Neutral

7. swap bank

8. split coupon bond

9. substandard

10. Section 16(b)

11. Short Messaging Service (SMS)

12. solenoid

13. Standard & Poor's SmallCap 600 Index

14. Slogan

15. steel wool

16. scallop

17. Symmetric Cash Flow Matching

18. stock valuation

19. SPC

20. staggered maturities

21. Self-propelled Vessel For River-sea Navigation

22. scope of authority

23. Same Day Funds Settlement

24. Spatial Labour Markets

25. Semi-natural Managed Forests

26. special waiver

27. Shopping

28. Share Buyback

29. Structured product

30. sales commission

31. Skil saw

32. soft water

33. stabilization reserve

34. surveillance department

35. SIX Swiss Exchange

36. savings account rate

37. State and local government series (SLUGs)

38. Sabotage

39. securities valuation reserve

40. soldier

41. Shell corporation

42. Services ISIC Rev. 2

43. side pocket

44. spring loading

45. Stafford Subsidized Loan (fdlp And Ffel)

46. Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF)

47. Snail Mail

48. Soft Credit Report

49. Supervisory Capital Assessment Program

50. Safety-first Rules

51. Sell-side analyst

52. sectionalized brick masonry

53. stake

54. Spaceman (Spacemen)

55. specific loss limit

56. sliding scale

57. section view

58. Standards Conversion

59. Servicing release premium

60. scored block

61. Subordinated

62. sill step

63. Self-selection

64. systems performance insurance

65. Subject Matter Statistician

66. self rating

67. Self-liquidating loan

68. Scale-enhancing

69. strike coverage

70. sellers market

71. solar easement

72. Short position

73. Scattered

74. subsequent rate adjustments

75. surplus reinsurance

76. surety

77. Set of contracts perspective

78. slab jacking

79. Significant influence

80. sequence

81. stand oil

82. Sheriff's Sale

83. Securities Traders Association (STA)

84. soft commodity

85. step

86. sovereign debt

87. Specific Return

88. standard deviation

89. scale in

90. System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval

91. Statistical Metadata Repository

92. Stet

93. SIT

94. Shipment Price

95. serial bond with balloon

96. SLIM

97. Surinam Guilder

98. Sao Tome Dobra

99. SR

100. short-term paper

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1. Filing Basis
2. Sell Short
3. Covenant Not To Sue
4. Special Crime Insurance
5. Immigration Violation Coverage Endorsement
6. Continuous Net Settlement
7. Convertible Hedge
8. Management Liability Insurance
9. Fixed Annuity
10. Contractors Professional Liability Insurance

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