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Financial terms starting with "S"

1. search

2. second home

3. Schedule B

4. Social Security Tax

5. S&P 600

6. summons

7. Senior mortgage bond

8. self-supporting bond

9. Silent partner

10. slow stochastic

11. Savings And Loan Crisis - S&L

12. Stock repurchase

13. Sell short

14. shock

15. Self-Regulatory Organization

16. Staycation

17. spirit level

18. sell up

19. spirit stain

20. square joint

21. Surrender fee

22. self-employed pension

23. staking

24. SSE Composite Index

25. special perils

26. Superangels

27. stamp

28. stipulation

29. subject to clause

30. sheriffs sale

31. Sex Ratio

32. Sandwich Course 

33. stylized mark

34. Spam

35. structural drawings

36. splash block

37. Salary

38. set-up hedge

39. sovereign debt

40. Secondary Treatment

41. Straight value

42. split off

43. Subsidiary Corporation ESA

44. strong buy

45. Slush Fund

46. steeple

47. Statutory investment

48. semianthracite

49. sepia print

50. storekeepers burglary and robbery policy

51. support price

52. sill block

53. Speculative Position Limit

54. Split rating

55. Spread order

56. scratch awl

57. SRB

58. Schedule K-1

59. Special Education

60. Stock index

61. Systematic Sampling

62. statutory consolidation

63. Sandra Day O'connor

64. Swaps, Cross-currency Interest Rate

65. soldering gun

66. Scheme Of Arrangement

67. subsistence allowance

68. step flashing

69. sterling area

70. sludge

71. spousal beneficiary rollover

72. State Court

73. source revelation provisions

74. Share Buyback

75. Shrinkage

76. Sales completion

77. SVK

78. S&T

79. Share (finance)

80. Simple prospect

81. scratch coat

82. stakeholder analysis

83. Savings Flow

84. square boxes

85. strut

86. special use property

87. stock option claims

88. Structural Adjustment Loan Facility (SAL)

89. Skip-payment privilege

90. Second-preferred stock

91. scroll saw

92. Short-term bond fund

93. Secondary Boycott

94. stuckholder

95. Settlement

96. statutory liquidity ratio

97. SIT

98. saw-tooth roof

99. SEAQ

100. salvage value

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Definition / Meaning of

FACT Act (Fair And Accurate Credit Transactions Act)

Categories: Finance,

Designed to help consumers check their credit reports for accuracy and detect identity theft early, the FACT Act gives every consumer the right to request a free report from each of the three major credit bureaus - Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion - once a year.To obtain your free reports, you must request them through the Annual credit report Request Service (www.annualcreditreport.com or 877-322-8228). If you request your credit report directly from one of the three credit reporting agencies or through another service, you'll pay a fee.Most experts recommend staggering your requests for the free reports - for instance, ordering one in January, the second in May, and the third in September - so that you can keep an eye on your credit throughout the year.It's also a good idea to check your report at least two months before you anticipate applying for a major loan or a job, so you can notify the credit bureau if you find any inaccuracies.You're also entitled to a free report directly from the credit reporting bureaus if you've recently been denied credit, have been turned down for a job, are on public assistance, or have reason to suspect that you're a victim of credit fraud or identity theft.

Most popular terms

1. Tax Exempt
2. Fiduciary
3. Broad-base Index
4. Use-based Application
5. Naked Option
6. MCS-90 Endorsement
7. Fill Or Kill Order (FOK)
8. Rating Bureau
9. Hacker
10. Competence

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