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Financial terms starting with "S"

1. Supreme Court

2. statutory capital

3. Sub-account

4. Saudi Riyal

5. Sideshift

6. Simultaneous Correction

7. Strip

8. sleeve anchor

9. special

10. società per azioni

11. Society for Worldwide Interbank Telecommunications

12. SM

13. Speed

14. Spot exchange rates

15. sash balance

16. Sine Qua Non

17. Sequester


19. Social Enterprise

20. sash lock

21. self-sufficiency

22. Separation property

23. Security Future

24. SIA

25. stress test

26. Software

27. sailor

28. slander

29. Standard Error, Relative

30. specific limits

31. soil pipe

32. stand-alone terrorism coverage

33. small-scale

34. Supplier credit

35. Scripophily

36. SVC

37. steel construction

38. Sidecar

39. structural drawings

40. spalling

41. savings club

42. single stock futures


44. Single life annuity

45. Segregation of securities

46. Soil Conservation

47. Stack And Roll

48. Shoulder Season

49. Shelf offering

50. subordinated bonds

51. SLIM

52. Statement of AdditionalInformation (SAI)

53. stopped order

54. Septdecillion

55. Selling Syndicate

56. semi-indirect luminaire

57. scalper

58. sponsored captive

59. slip form paver

60. Statutory Damages

61. Stafford Loans

62. surface gauge

63. Shoplifting

64. statutory

65. second-tier market

66. selloff

67. Sinking fund requirement

68. suit to quiet title

69. special servicer

70. Short-term Loans - SNA

71. Sickout

72. salary review

73. Specialness

74. Subordinated

75. screed

76. Startup Company

77. secondary auditor

78. Subordinated Bond

79. share repurchases

80. Semi-natural Managed Forests

81. soar

82. StEPS

83. subcontract bids

84. stop-loss reinsurance (SLR)

85. site

86. Seasonal Credit

87. straight grain wood

88. sales volume profit variance

89. Seasonal Average By Months

90. skim coat

91. Schedule E

92. Statutory debt limit

93. stay of proceedings

94. sales fee

95. Static Return

96. single family dwelling

97. spading tool

98. shaper

99. Standard & Poor'sSmallCap 600 Index

100. Sight deposit account

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Categories: Brokerages, Business and Management,

A specialist or specialist unit is a member of a securities exchange responsible for maintaining a fair and orderly market in a specific security or securities on the exchange floor. Specialists execute market orders given to them by other members of the exchange known as floor brokers or sent to their post through an electronic routing system.Typically, a specialist acts both as agent and principal. As agent, the specialist handles limit orders for floor brokers in exchange for a portion of their commission. Those orders are maintained in an electronic record known as the limit order book, or specialist's book, until the stock is trading at the acceptable price. As principal, the specialist buys for his or her own account to help maintain a stable market in a security.For example, if the spread, or difference, between the bid and ask, or the highest price offered by a buyer and the lowest price asked by a seller, gets too wide, and trading in the security hits a lull, the specialist might buy, sell, or sell short shares to narrow the spread and stimulate trading.But because of restrictions the exchange puts on trading, a specialist is not permitted to buy a security when there is an unexecuted order for the same security at the same price in the limit order book.

Most popular terms

1. Contract Certainty
2. Mere Descriptiveness
3. Contingent Commission
4. Hacker
5. Likelihood Of Confusion
6. Homeowners Policy Special Form 3 (HO 3)
7. Hope Scholarship Credit
8. Weighted Stock Index
9. Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan
10. Other Structures: Homeowners Policy

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