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Financial terms starting with "S"

1. Standards Conversion

2. shed ceiling

3. share turnover

4. Surtax

5. second chance loan

6. straight-through processing

7. stair gauge

8. service marker

9. Seisin

10. Scale Down (or Up)

11. second lien debt

12. street improvement

13. Statistical Disclosure Control (SDC)

14. subordinate loan

15. single entity coverage

16. shadow price

17. subsidiary company

18. Standing Facility

19. Subaccount

20. Surprise

21. Senior refunding

22. Structural Engineer

23. securities house

24. Safety-net return

25. stapled security

26. Structural Funds

27. Stocktaking

28. Swap Execution Facilities (SEFs)

29. stairway, open-string

30. System Of National Accounts (SNA)

31. Satellite Accounts

32. Shifting The Burden Of Proof

33. Salary freeze

34. Subsidies On Production, Other

35. state-owned

36. straight claw hammer

37. saver's tax credit

38. steel beam

39. Safety Interval

40. Season

41. Sickness Benefits

42. Sell price

43. Special Warranty Deed

44. self-employed pension

45. Strategic Behaviour

46. stop work order

47. Self-tender offer

48. Smoothing Rule

49. single premium insurance

50. Standard & Poor'sSmallCap 600 Index

51. Sampling Plan

52. Staggered board of directors

53. Shopping

54. session

55. Self-supporting debt

56. Skewed distribution

57. Simple linear trend model

58. Sonia Sotomayor

59. Sequential Correction

60. short hedge

61. Salary reduction plan

62. Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plan

63. sundry creditors

64. sidecar reinsurance

65. Schedule C

66. suspended metal lath

67. state certified appraiser

68. Steepening of the yield curve

69. Strong dollar

70. slack

71. Stated value

72. Structural Adjustment Loan Facility (SAL)

73. Settlers

74. Self-insurance

75. short credit

76. subscriber

77. short sell

78. Self-Supporting

79. Speculative motive

80. Substantive Law

81. SEAS

82. Single-step income statement

83. Supernumerary Witness

84. statistical method

85. Statistical Standard

86. Secondary issue

87. Systematic Sample

88. screen molding

89. settlement day

90. staple financing

91. speculation index

92. Sale-Leaseback

93. stipulations

94. spouse

95. Short book

96. stock index futures

97. soldering

98. Swiss Indexation

99. Sallie Mae - Student Loan Marketing Association

100. Spoofing

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7. Structured Product
8. Audit Committee
9. Subprime Loans
10. MCS-90 Endorsement

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