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Financial terms starting with "S"

1. Service Corps Of Retired Executives (score)

2. satin finish

3. Service By Fax

4. screen wall

5. Statistical Unit - UN

6. soil capability

7. stock market launch

8. Secondary Exchange Rates

9. Sprinkling trust

10. suspended ceiling

11. Study Load

12. State-chartered Association

13. seagull option

14. specified investment flow-through tax (SIFT)

15. SN

16. SCR (Seychelles Rupee)

17. single-employer plan


19. subgrade

20. Stockholm Stock Market (Stockholm B&#ouml;rsen)

21. safety lamp

22. spamming

23. Slotting

24. Settlement Statement

25. spot rate Treasury curve

26. storage

27. Shark

28. Stafford loan

29. suspension inquiry letter

30. signaling capital

31. Surplusage

32. Server

33. Sinker

34. steeple

35. Search costs

36. Seasonal Credit

37. Silver Bullet

38. subsidise

39. SKU 

40. suspend

41. steel trowel

42. Step-up in basis

43. SF 

44. Statistical Metadata System

45. Short-term

46. Subsidiary

47. Split Custody

48. Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SHZ)

49. Supply shock

50. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

51. S&p 500

52. Straight term insurance policy

53. shelf life

54. split-faced block

55. star drill

56. spatula

57. Standard & Poor's 500 Index (S&P 500)

58. Spatial Adjustment Factors

59. self-insurance pool

60. settlement period

61. Subordination Strategy

62. Stop Loss Strategy

63. severity

64. supply

65. Seats

66. skylight

67. solid wire

68. special purpose property

69. Straight-through Processing (STP)

70. shingle

71. Sight Letter of Credit

72. Suitability rules

73. survivorship benefit

74. Self-enumeration

75. stock picks

76. scuttle

77. Systematic Sampling

78. salable

79. spading tool

80. secondary beneficiary

81. single lite

82. style drift

83. shoot up

84. standard property policy (ISO)

85. Seat

86. Stock symbol

87. SPINs

88. summary appraisal report

89. stock rights

90. Scorched-Earth Policy

91. Social Security Administration

92. Sticker Shock

93. SEN

94. safety margin

95. Stocktaking

96. Synthetic Forward Contract

97. subordinate mortgage

98. Small Estate

99. Securities and Investments Board

100. Security market line

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Categories: Banking,

nouna sudden reduction or loss of value Examplesa fall in the exchange rate • a fall in the price of gold • a fall on the stock exchange • Profits showed a 10 per cent fall.verbto be reduced suddenly to a lower price or value ExamplesShares fell on the market today. • Gold shares fell 10 per cent or fell 45 cents on the stock exchange. • The price of gold fell for the second day running. • The pound fell against the euro.to happen or to take place ExampleThe public holiday falls on a Tuesday.Usagepayments which fall duepayments which are now due to be made"...market analysts described the falls in the second half of last week as a technical correction to the market" [Australian Financial Review]"...for the first time since mortgage rates began falling in March a financial institution has raised charges on homeowner loans" [Globe and Mail (Toronto)]"...interest rates were still falling as late as June, and underlying inflation remains below the government's target of 2.5 per cent" [financial times]

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1. Right Of Recourse Provision
2. Contractors Professional Liability Insurance
3. Likelihood Of Confusion
4. Opt-out Lawsuits
5. Circuit Breaker
6. Continuous Net Settlement
7. Section 15 Declaration Of Incontestability
8. Passively Managed
9. Netting
10. Construction Defect

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