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Financial terms starting with "S"

1. stock manipulation

2. safety lamp

3. Septquadragintillion

4. Sequestrate

5. Skunkworks

6. State's Attorney

7. Show and tell list

8. Statistical Standard

9. Search costs

10. Survey

11. Share Certificate

12. Spontaneous Current Liabilities

13. Statistical Metadata System

14. Sales Lead

15. suspended metal lath

16. semiannual

17. session

18. Secret Rebate

19. Seasoned datings

20. shakeup

21. Spider Food

22. specific rating

23. Subprime Rates

24. Surviving Spouse's Trust

25. sequestration

26. Sensitive market

27. sump pump

28. spading tool

29. Shoplifting

30. Surface Transportation Board -

31. Secondary Disclosure Risk

32. secondary sector

33. Semi-Structured Interview

34. starting tap

35. S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats

36. self-liquidating bond

37. spray gun

38. Septic System

39. Social Expenditure

40. Savings account

41. senior capital

42. sour bond

43. supernormal growth

44. spotting

45. Statistical Equilibrium

46. Secure option ARM

47. Sector fund

48. subsurface rights

49. Special Agricultural Safeguard (SSG)

50. Sales Conference

51. standpipe

52. sliding window

53. Stock Exchange Automated Quotation System (SEAQ)

54. Stock Exchange Electronic Trading System

55. Synthetic investment

56. Schedule D-1

57. split rate

58. S&P/TSX Composite Index

59. Shrinkage Estimator

60. Secondary Distribution Of Income Account

61. soft commodity

62. Solas For Missing Data Analysis

63. Surplus Lines

64. scuttle

65. School Location

66. self-service banking

67. Same Day Transaction

68. standard form or standard policy

69. Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002 - SOX

70. safe

71. Social Networking

72. Stand up to

73. single coverage

74. Scarcity Value

75. State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC)

76. subpoena duces tecum

77. special use property

78. Stochastics index

79. series 22

80. spring clamp

81. specified perils coverage

82. sublessor

83. Stocks (industry), Value

84. slip form concrete machine

85. Scale

86. segregated account

87. Supply And Use Table For Environmental Protection

88. Sauerbeck Price Index

89. sash weight

90. Sector Of Destination (of Aid)

91. Special Drawing Rights (SDR)

92. Social Assistance Benefits In Kind

93. Study Domain - ISI

94. Speculative Damages

95. Specials

96. sandbag

97. Super sinker bond

98. sanding wheel

99. substandard

100. San Marino Lira

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Featured term of the day

Definition / Meaning of

Weather Derivative

Categories: Options,

A weather derivative is a futures contract - or options on that futures contract - where the underlying commodity is a weather index.These derivatives work much the same way that interest-rate or stock index futures and options do, by creating a tradable commodity out of something that is relatively intangible. Analysts look at historical weather patterns - temperature, rainfall and other things - develop averages, and quantify the risk that weather will deviate from the average. Corporations use weather derivatives to hedge their risk that bad weather will cause a financial loss. For a cereal company, bad weather might be a drought, which would cause wheat prices to go up. For a home heating company, it could be warm days in November, which could lower demand for home heating oil. And for an amusement park it could be rain.The cereal company and the amusement park might buy futures contracts with an underlying weather index based on rainfall. The home heating company might want contracts based on a temperature index.Weather derivatives are different from insurance, because they're linked to common weather events, like dry seasons, or a warm autumn, that affect particular businesses. Insurance is still required to protect against major weather events, like tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods.You can buy weather derivatives as an individual, but you'll want to consider the trading costs carefully to ensure that your risk of loss is worth the expense.

Most popular terms

1. Subprime Loans
2. Mortgage-backed Security
3. Common Shares
4. Severance Pay
5. Building Ordinance Coverage
6. Retired Directors Liability Policies
7. Credit Default Swap
8. Auction Rate Security (ARS)
9. Cash Forward Contract
10. Loss Payable Clause

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