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Financial terms starting with "S"

1. stock manipulation

2. screw eye

3. Sampling Error

4. Sample Selection Bias

5. Societal Response Indicators

6. Shark Repellent

7. specialization

8. Soft landing

9. short interest ratio

10. steering

11. strike price interval

12. strategic risk management

13. Strike

14. Strategy

15. sealed bidding

16. shelf velocity

17. sitka spruce

18. subject premium

19. simulation risk modeling method (often called Monte Carlo method)

20. sliding scale commission

21. Simple Random Sampling

22. Servicing

23. statement of net cost

24. Speculative motive

25. special use property

26. Statistical Confidentiality

27. Specifications Generator

28. Small Business Administration (sba)

29. Sheetrock

30. Share repurchase

31. Seasonally adjusted

32. section

33. Self-Supporting

34. Separator

35. Silicon Alley

36. street stake

37. securities insuring agreement

38. SWF

39. Stratified Sample

40. Subject to opinion

41. Sallie Mae

42. Sample Rotation

43. silica gel

44. Silk Road

45. Selling on the good news

46. surface preparation

47. security of employment

48. stencil

49. Servient Tenement

50. shareholder value

51. Special Trade Eurostat

52. segment

53. summary proceeding

54. sidetrack agreement

55. Stealth Taxes

56. saleswoman

57. Sandbagging

58. surety

59. Sanku (Three Gaps) Pattern

60. subject to

61. Survey Approach

62. siding, drop

63. sui juris

64. subdivision and development ordinances

65. Shadow stock

66. Scaling

67. Statistical Data

68. self-furring nail

69. support price

70. state guaranty fund

71. spiral

72. surplus lines broker

73. Sterling

74. Security deposit (initial)

75. Stabilization

76. store

77. Shark

78. Stephen Breyer

79. static pressure

80. Stamp Taxes

81. Short-term Instruments

82. Safe Deposit Box

83. Standing Volume

84. subcontractor exception

85. subjective value

86. Severance

87. safety switch

88. Supervisory Authority

89. Single European Act

90. space heater

91. steadiness

92. Structured debt

93. Symmetric Cash Flow Matching

94. structural adjustment

95. self-tapping screw

96. Shop Floor

97. Securities Exchange Act Of 1934 (sea)

98. stockbroking

99. subflooring

100. stop box

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