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Financial terms starting with "T"

1. telecom ETF

2. Take-Out Commitment

3. timer switch

4. Turning Point

5. torque wrench

6. T-Rex Fund

7. trailer interchange insurance

8. trading day

9. TEU-kilometre Offered

10. tilt-up wall

11. Tail Value At Risk

12. Torrens system

13. tax and insurance escrow

14. toilet room

15. Transcript

16. trading effect

17. type N mortar

18. Teaser Ad

19. Traumatic Injury

20. Trust instrument

21. Taxpayer Identification Number (Tin)

22. thermal mass

23. The Street

24. threshold level

25. Total expense ratio

26. trade-in allowance

27. Telecommunications

28. Terms and Conditions

29. Table B

30. Transcription Errors

31. TZ

32. The Marshall School Of Business - USC

33. toenailing

34. total monthly housing cost

35. tour

36. threshold agreement

37. Tokenism

38. time and sales

39. tenant alternative costs

40. Thrift Bank

41. Tangible assets

42. Transfer

43. transferable option

44. Transactions motive

45. Third-Party Trust

46. Take-and-pay contract

47. Trustafarian

48. tax loss carry-forward

49. Tokyo Grain Exchange (TGE)

50. Tax base

51. TCA

52. tiger economy

53. Tug

54. transfer pricing

55. Taxes On Pollution

56. Tools Of The Trade

57. TIFF

58. TGO

59. trading up

60. Total return index

61. Total Debt Ratio

62. Trademark Act

63. Term Assurance

64. Tender

65. tenant contributions

66. Temporary Protected Status (Tps)

67. termination clause

68. Types Of Passenger Road Motor Vehicle

69. torpedo stock

70. Tap Issue

71. Trademark Electronic Search System

72. TLS

73. TWN

74. Tangible Investment (of Sea Transport Enterprises)

75. Tolerance (Environmental)

76. tight money market

77. Tandem programs

78. TON

79. terminal marking

80. trade diversion

81. transaction deposit

82. Types Of Body Of Goods Road Vehicle

83. Total Operating Costs

84. thermosetting resin

85. TTD

86. Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TSEC)

87. T/N Roll

88. thrift savings plan

89. test light

90. tongue and groove

91. thermal insulation

92. traverse rod

93. Transshipment

94. To Wit

95. Types Of Costs (of Road Transport Enterprises)

96. Totten Trust Account

97. Tax preference item

98. Transfers Of Individual Non-market Goods Or Services

99. title report

100. Trading symbol

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Definition / Meaning of

Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)

Categories: Patent,

a list of all patents, publications, U.S. applications, or other information submitted for consideration by the Office in a non-provisional patent application filed under 35 U.S.C. § 111(a) to comply with applicant's duty to submit to the Office information which is material to patentability of the invention claimed in the non-provisional application. For patent applications filed under 35 U.S.C. § 111(a), applicants and other individuals who are substantively involved in preparing or prosecuting a patent application must submit to the Office information which is material to patentability (could render a claim unpatentable) as defined in 37 CFR § 1.56. The provisions of 37 CFR § 1.97 and 37  CFR § 1.98 provide a mechanism for compliance with the duty of disclosure provided in 37 CFR § 1.56. The IDS must include a list of all patents, publications, U.S. applications, or other information submitted for consideration by the Office. The USPTO provides forms for use in the submission of an IDS, the PTO/SB/08a and PTO/SB/08b. -- see 37 CFR §§§ 1.56, 1.97 and 1.98and MPEP 609 for more

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1. Stockholm Syndrome
2. Separate Account Fund
3. Long-term Care Insurance
4. Flexible Spending Account
5. Auction Rate Security (ARS)
6. Sublimit
7. Employee Retirement Income Security Act Section 404(c)
8. CollegeSure CD
9. Building Ordinance Coverage
10. Manufacturers Output Policy (MOP)

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