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Financial terms starting with "T"

1. Target payout ratio

2. tribunal

3. tax free exchange

4. total debt to total assets ratio

5. Trading Partner Countries

6. Taxable equivalent yield

7. The City

8. True Index

9. thermal shock

10. Text Message

11. Treasury Bill

12. Termination Statement

13. thermowelding

14. tracking

15. transfer of physical assets (TPA)

16. Trading Desk

17. Trend Restored

18. tackless strip

19. type C reorganization

20. Target-Benefit Plan

21. Treasury Secretary

22. technology gap

23. Trading unit

24. Transfer Agent

25. turn over

26. Takeover Panel

27. TPRV

28. Treat me subject

29. Tax planning

30. tax interruption coverage

31. type E reorganization

32. Trademark Electronic Application System

33. Telecine

34. time to market

35. Trading volume

36. Transit Of Road Vehicle

37. Ten largest holdings

38. Totten Trust Account

39. tax sale

40. Total Future Liability

41. Terminal value

42. THA

43. TBAC

44. Transferable Option (or Contract)

45. Transparency

46. Tables Of Frequency (count) Data

47. Tri-party Agreement

48. Top-down approach

49. tertiary sector

50. Taft-Hartley Act of 1947

51. test light

52. Tort Claims Act

53. Trade Receivables

54. Time and a Half

55. Terms of sale

56. Taxable estate

57. transfer fee

58. Turnover (of Road Transport Enterprises)

59. tax indexing

60. three-dimensional shingles

61. Tangible Investment (of Inland Waterways Transport Enterprises)

62. Time horizon

63. Term Securities Lending Facility

64. Time series models

65. Tender Offer

66. Trequinquagintillion

67. travertine

68. tax incidence

69. time premium

70. token rent

71. technique of operations review (TOR) system

72. Total Allowable Catch (TAC)

73. Taxes On Individual Or Household Income

74. tenement

75. TON

76. tie-in endorsements

77. total equity

78. torsion

79. top official

80. TWD

81. Tax Auditor

82. Trend Fitting

83. Tarnqvist Price Index

84. Trade away

85. Tracker Mortgage

86. TARR

87. Top Dollar

88. thermostat

89. tax anticipation note

90. tooled joint

91. Troubled assets

92. two-way market

93. The World Bank

94. Treasury real yield curve

95. type S mortar

96. Targeted registered offerings

97. transformer

98. Tax Attorney

99. Thrift plan

100. Tax Reform Act of 1984

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