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Financial terms starting with "T"

1. tontine

2. title insurance binder

3. tracking error

4. tax differential view of dividend policy

5. tax loss carryback


7. tax multiplier

8. Turnover (for Railway Enterprises)

9. Tax Lot Accounting

10. third-party beneficiary principle

11. Trans-national Fisheries

12. Taft-Hartley Act of 1947

13. TD

14. Testnet

15. Techie

16. too-big-too-fail

17. Tourism Characteristic Industry

18. tenure

19. Tajikistan Somoni

20. time weighted average annual rate of return

21. Take a flier

22. thrust block

23. Treseptuagintillion

24. Two-sided market

25. tax adviser

26. Trading Desk

27. Taxable income

28. Tier Two

29. termination

30. tail piece

31. Tax books

32. Trade Lanes

33. Table E

34. To be announced (TBA)


36. Teaching Staff

37. total paid at closing

38. Treasury bill (T-bill)

39. technical efficiency

40. Time To Expiration

41. toenailing

42. Taxable Temporary Differences

43. T/N Roll

44. Technical Change, Embodied

45. Transferable letter of credit

46. tax-favored asset

47. The Marshall School Of Business - USC

48. treaty

49. totten trust

50. TSE 300 (Toronto Stock Exchange index)

51. tacking

52. Technical analysis

53. teller

54. Toronto Stock Exchange

55. T-Commerce 

56. truss

57. Tradeoff

58. Target company

59. terrazo

60. tip sheet

61. Term repo

62. Testamentary trust

63. Taxable year

64. Transparency

65. Ticker tape

66. Trial

67. top-flight

68. terminate

69. Tier 2 Capital

70. terrorism

71. Tied Aid Credits

72. transport velocity

73. tangent

74. Trademark Electronic Application System

75. Trust Receipt Arrangement

76. troubleshooting

77. trigger

78. tort liability

79. TSLF

80. Tariff War

81. time-sharing

82. Tax-deferred Investment

83. tamper

84. Teller's Check

85. Tax anticipation bills (Tabs)

86. Tabulation Report

87. truckers policy

88. Total Costs

89. Tangible Investment (by Road Transport Enterprises)

90. technical bankruptcy

91. triple bottom

92. tax rebate

93. Taxes On Pollution

94. Track Gauge

95. transportation bond

96. trigger line

97. toxic tort

98. Taylor Rule

99. Trust Administration

100. Tactical Asset Allocation - TAA

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Featured term of the day

Definition / Meaning of

Fill Or Kill Order (FOK)

Categories: Finance,

Has various definitions. 1) On some exchanges, a market or limited price order that is to be executed in its entirety as soon as it is represented in the trading crowd, and, if not so executed, is to be treated as canceled. In this context, no partial fills are accepted, and the FOK order is treated as an IOC, Aon order. 2) On other exchanges, a market or limit order that is to be executed by filling the number of shares made available by the first bid or offer, and then canceling any unfilled balance. In this context, a FOK order is treated as an instruction to fill what can be filled by hitting the first bid or offer, and cancel the rest. In this case partial fills are possible, and the FOK order is treated as an IOC, Any Part order. Because of the prevalence of interlisted stocks, the ability of a broker’s trading desk to direct trades to one exchange or another, and the different interpretations the order can have depending on which exchange the order is routed to, use of this type or order is discouraged. Instead, either an IOC AON, or an IOC Any Part, order will get the desired result regardless of the exchange.

Most popular terms

1. Corridor Self-insured Retention
2. Lead Time
4. Building Ordinance Coverage
5. Stockholm Syndrome
6. Home Equity
7. Rating Bureau
8. Internalization
9. Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (CMO)
10. Tax Exempt

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