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Financial terms starting with "U"

1. uncollectible accounts expense

2. Underinsured Motorist Endorsement

3. Unemployment Benefit

4. Urban Inland Waterways Transport

5. Uzbekistan Sum

6. Undocumented Immigrant

7. unrelated business

8. unallocated loss adjustment expense (ULAE)

9. Unamortized Bond Premium

10. Unique Circumstances

11. Uncovered

12. underdrain

13. unissued capital

14. uneven lot

15. Unconstrained Optimization


17. unbalanced

18. Unit Of Measure

19. UML

20. up to

21. Unique risk

22. used margin


24. Underbooked

25. Uniform Transfer to Minors Act

26. Undersubscribed

27. unfair and deceptive practices

28. use-based application

29. Underweight

30. Unanimous

31. unequivocal

32. underreact

33. Uniform Securities Act

34. Unlinked Samples

35. Unlisted trading

36. Unfair Dismissal

37. uniform residential appraisal report

38. unlevered free cash flow

39. Usance Draft

40. unincorporated association

41. Universe of securities

42. Undernourished Persons

43. Unconscionable

44. unauthorized investment

45. underspend

46. U.S. Treasury Bond

47. use tax

48. unaudited opinion

49. Unladen Sea Traffic

50. Undischarged Bankrupt

51. Underlying security

52. upcoming

53. Underwriting Fees

54. unrelated business taxable income

55. Unemployment Compensation

56. Underinvestment problem

57. universal agent

58. Urban Land Institute

59. Unannualized

60. UPC

61. United States League Of Savings Institutions

62. understate

63. Upturn

64. Universal Life Insurance

65. uncommitted facility

66. Unleveraged required return


68. undivided interest

69. unit in place method

70. undiversifiable risk

71. UBS

72. UM

73. U.S. Savings Bond

74. unlock

75. UBTI

76. Unbilled Revenue

77. Undue Burden

78. Underwriters Laboratories - UL

79. uniform settlement statement

80. USTR

81. Unfunded Pension Plans

82. UNSC

83. upswing

84. unplanned retention

85. United Steelworkers Of America V. Weber (1979)

86. Unexpected Earnings

87. Uniform Bank Performance Report (UBPR)

88. Underwriting requirements

89. U.S. Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act

90. underwriting expense

91. Uniform Probate Code

92. undersell

93. unity

94. U.s. Troop Readiness, Veterans' Care, Katrina Recovery, And Iraq Accountability Appropriations Act Of 2007

95. Union Shop

96. unsecured

97. underground service

98. unsecured loan

99. unit of trade

100. Uncovered option

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Definition / Meaning of

Substitute Check

Categories: Finance,

Substitute checks are digital copies of the fronts and backs of paper checks that provide the same legal protections and obligations as the originals, including serving as proof of payment. Each check is formatted on a separate piece of paper a little larger than the original with the words “This is a legal copy of your check” appearing next to the image.Using digital copies, which can be transmitted electronically, allows banks to process payments faster and more efficiently than they could when paper checks had to be routed through the check clearing system. Most banks destroy original checks once they've archived the substitutes, which means that you probably no longer receive cancelled checks with your bank statement. Your bank may send you substitute checks but is more likely to provide either a line item statement or an image statement that has photocopies of the fronts and backs of cancelled checks grouped on a page. These are not substitute checks, although they can often be used as proof of payment. If you need an actual copy of a substitute check, you can request it from your bank. However, there may be a fee.

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1. Ordinance Or Law Coverage
2. Fiduciary
3. Systematic Withdrawal
4. Savings Bonds
5. Preapproval
6. US Savings Bond
7. Principal Register
8. Tracking Stock
9. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Of 1990
10. Weighted Stock Index

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