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Financial terms starting with "U"

1. ullage

2. universal default

3. urban development action grant

4. unusual expenses

5. unearned increment

6. Undercut

7. uneconomic

8. unsecured

9. Underwriting requirements

10. Undercapitalized

11. undue hardship

12. unsecured creditor

13. Ultimate Fact

14. Unprotected Pension Plan

15. Undervaluation

16. Unique Product

17. UY

18. UKR

19. underemployment

20. Uptime

21. Underlying Mortality Assumption

22. U.S. Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act

23. U-Shaped Recovery

24. unauthorized insurer

25. Up-conversion

26. Unpaid Labour

27. underlying premium

28. underpinning

29. Unlisted Securities Market

30. unrealized

31. Uses Of Value Added Quadrant

32. US Treasury bond

33. Unquadragintillion

34. Undigested securities

35. unliquidated claim

36. User Friendly

37. Upper Secondary Education (ISCED 3)

38. underdrain

39. unconditional settlement clause

40. undersell

41. uniform settlement statement

42. underwriting cycle

43. unallocated benefit

44. U.S. Treasury Securities

45. Unilateral transfers

46. unlevered cost of capital

47. up-market capture ratio

48. Uncovered Put writing

49. Underinsured Motorist Coverage Limits Trigger

50. urban

51. Unified Carrier Registration Agreement (UCRA)

52. Unit Value Index

53. underestimate

54. unlisted company

55. use-based application

56. uncovered interest arbitrage

57. Under-coverage

58. Uniform Rules for Collections

59. Urban Road Traffic

60. USP

61. USD

62. uncalled

63. User Satisfaction Survey

64. Unfunded Employee Social Insurance Benefits

65. Unconstitutional

66. unrealised capital gain

67. Ubo

68. unearned premium

69. Underbooked

70. Underinvestment problem

71. Usance

72. UZB

73. unified managed household account (UMHA)

74. Unsecured Credit

75. unleveraged

76. Unvigintillion

77. United States GAAP

78. Usually Active Population

79. Unexpected Earnings

80. United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)

81. Unconsolidated

82. unit statistical card

83. Unlimited Funds

84. Unbiased Error

85. Uniform Securities Act

86. Undischarged Bankrupt

87. Ultraviolet Rays

88. uniform submission agreement

89. Uxor

90. Unit Of Measure Used - MetaStore

91. UEA

92. Undocumented Immigrant

93. Unit Load

94. unibit

95. uncollected

96. unload

97. unconscionability

98. undermentioned

99. universal banking

100. Utilitarianism

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Definition / Meaning of

McDonough Ratio

Categories: Credit and Debt, Banking,

An estimated minimum capital that banks must have in order to mitigate the risks on their assets, such as financial instruments and loans granted, which generally should be greater than 8%. It is used to determine how much capital is required to be maintained by the bank in case of unexpected losses. This ratio is an improvement over the previous version of the cooke ratio, which did not include weights associated to its loans and financial instruments. This flaw has been eliminated in the new version. The ratio can be calculated as follows:(regulatory capital) / (credit risk market risk operational risk) >= 8%Where: regulatory capital = capital and retained earnings of individual company. credit risk = risk that the borrower may default. It can be calculated by weighting the total amount of the loan by the quality of the borrower. market risk = risk undertaken due to changes in market conditions, applicable to interest-rate products, equities, currencies and commodities. operational risk = risk evolving out of internal company management, such as failed processes, people and systems.

Most popular terms

1. Common Shares
2. Spousal Coverage Extension
3. Homeowners Policy Special Form 3 (HO 3)
4. Netting
5. Sovereign Wealth Funds
6. Competence
7. Lifetime Learning Credit
8. Sublimit
9. Loss Payable Clause
10. Inflation-protected Security (TIPS)

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