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Financial terms starting with "U"

1. Usury laws

2. utilization fee

3. Usufruct

4. undisclosed heir

5. unsponsored ADR

6. unitranche debt

7. uniform settlement statement

8. unquoted public company

9. Umpire

10. U.s. Internal Revenue Service

11. upset coverage

12. unrelated business

13. Ultraviolet Rays

14. Unique Diversification Benefit

15. User Charges

16. Underbanked

17. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - HUD

18. unethical

19. unit of trade

20. underwriting member

21. Underlying Cause Of Death

22. USB

23. use and occupancy insurance

24. union nut

25. UCC

26. upmarket

27. United States Customs Service

28. Unconfirmed Letter of Credit

29. U.S. Treasury

30. Uniform Probate Code

31. unearned premium

32. unacceptable

33. Unlimited Liability

34. underwriter's warrants

35. unconditional

36. urethane varnish, moisture-curing

37. Unit Non-response

38. unit linked

39. Unleveraged program

40. uncontrollable

41. URY

42. utilization review

43. Unconsolidated

44. User-cost Method

45. unauthorized insurer

46. Underground Production

47. Ulcer Index - UI

48. unenforceable contract

49. Usual, Customary and Reasonable Fees

50. Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction And Enforcement Act

51. Umbrella Partnership Real Estate Investment Trust (UPREIT)

52. Undermargined account

53. Uniform practice code

54. Upside-Down Mortgage

55. upcoming

56. Upstream

57. Upside potential

58. Unrelated Business Tax Income

59. UIT

60. Urban Population

61. Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA)

62. Uma

63. underground service

64. Uniform Sampling Fraction

65. Umbrella Policy

66. unit cost

67. Uncovered call writing

68. Uniform Task Based Management System (UTBMS)

69. Uniform Simultaneous Death Act

70. Unisex Annuity Rate

71. uninsured motorists (UM) coverage

72. unsolicited listing of real estate

73. Unified Carrier Registration Agreement (UCRA)

74. Untied Aid

75. unity of interest

76. Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities III (UCITS III)

77. Up-conversion

78. Underwriting spread

79. Underlying Stock

80. Unlimited Funds

81. Uniform Rules for Collections

82. update

83. Underlying Option Security

84. Unsterilized intervention

85. underwriting agency

86. Upgrading

87. Unpaid Family Members (working In An Establishment)

88. utility service interruption coverage

89. umbrella liability policy

90. unreported claims

91. utility maximization

92. unincorporated association

93. undistributed profit

94. Upfront Mortgage Lender

95. Universal Market Integrity Rules (UMIR)

96. USP

97. Ultimate Control Unit

98. Underwriting

99. unit rise

100. U.S. Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act

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Definition / Meaning of

Convertible Hedge

Categories: Strategies,

When you use a convertible hedge, you buy a convertible bond, which you can exchange under certain circumstances for shares of the company's common stock. At the same time, you sell short the common stock of the same company. As in any hedge, your goal is to make more money on one of the transactions than you lose on the other. For example, if the price of the stock falls, you're in a position to make money on the short sale while at the same time knowing that the convertible bond will continue to be at least as valuable as other bonds the company has issued. On the other hand, if the stock gains value, you hope to be able to realize more profit from either selling the convertible or exchanging it for shares you can sell than it costs you to have borrowed and repaid the shares you sold short.There are no guarantees this strategy or any other hedging strategy will work, especially for an individual investor who faces the challenge of identifying an appropriate security to hedge and the appropriate time to act.

Most popular terms

1. Money Market Mutual Fund
2. Target Date Fund
3. Hope Scholarship Credit
4. Fast Market
5. Margin Clause
6. Contingent Commission
7. Fronting
8. Price-to-earnings Ratio (P/E)
9. Catch-up Contribution
10. Mortgage Impairment Insurance

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