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1. United States Trustee

2. Ultimate Control Enterprise

3. Uruguay Round

4. upland

5. Unilateral transfers

6. unit value


8. utility patent

9. Unrelated Business Tax Income

10. underwriter's warrants

11. underperformance

12. uncontrollable

13. universal agent

14. User Tax

15. Unclean Hands

16. under contract

17. Unanimous

18. ulcer index (UI)

19. United States Dollar

20. unlimited

21. United States Department Of The Treasury

22. UZB

23. Unclassified Balance Sheet

24. unbalanced growth

25. undistributed profit

26. up leg

27. Underwriters Laboratories

28. unit in place method

29. upzoning

30. Unamortized Bond Premium

31. United States League Of Savings Institutions

32. Uniform Premarital Agreement Act

33. unconditionally

34. underlier

35. Underfunded Plan

36. up-and-in barrier option

37. Unfavorable Balance of Trade

38. Uniform Transfer to Minors Act

39. Univariate Distribution

40. Untrigintillion

41. US

42. Uniform custodial trust act

43. Upwardly Mobile

44. Up market

45. Unrealized P/L

46. unaudited

47. Uncertified Private Loan

48. Unlinked Samples

49. uncommitted facility

50. Underinsured Motorist Coverage Limits Trigger

51. unit of account

52. Upper Class

53. Unique Items

54. U.S. Savings Bonds

55. Undeposited Funds Account

56. underspend

57. United States Attorney

58. uncertainty

59. Unitized Endowment Pool (UEP)

60. Uniform Building Code (UBC)

61. Undersecured Debt

62. underlying coverage

63. Undersubscribed

64. Underwrite

65. underwriting agency

66. Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

67. Umberto Agnelli

68. Up tick

69. Uzbekistan Sum

70. Upselling

71. ullage

72. Unleveraged beta

73. ultimate loss

74. Unaffiliated Investments

75. Urban Land Institute

76. uptrend

77. unsterilized foreign exchange intervention

78. Unilateral

79. u-hanger

80. under

81. U

82. unlevered beta

83. unseaworthiness

84. upside down

85. Unfavourable Trade Balance

86. uniform business rate

87. Unit Root

88. universal default

89. Uncollected funds

90. Unsystematic Risk

91. under-improvement

92. unfavourable

93. underlyers

94. unbundling

95. Uniform Task Based Management System (UTBMS)

96. United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)

97. United States Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis)

98. underinsurance

99. underwriting guidelines

100. Unconditional Heteroskedasticity

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9. Weighted Stock Index
10. Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA)

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