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Financial terms starting with "U"

1. Upper Class

2. Unreasonable Search And Seizure

3. unrecorded revenue


5. Underwriting Commission

6. Ubo

7. Underage

8. unfunded retention

9. Unconditional Heteroskedasticity

10. Usance Letter of Credit

11. unemployed

12. unsolicited listing of real estate

13. Utility

14. union nut

15. undue influence

16. Umbrella Partnership Real Estate Investment Trust (UPREIT)

17. unconditional settlement clause

18. Unladen Sea Traffic

19. Usufructuary

20. unappropriated profit

21. United States Natural Gas Fund

22. underground plumbing

23. Unemployment Rate (harmonised) - Eurostat

24. underlying interest

25. United Nations Development Programme

26. Ultra vires activities

27. uncovered bear

28. Underlying

29. underwriting class

30. Ucc Financing Statement

31. Underlying Earnings

32. UCC

33. Underwriting Guide

34. Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) of 1994

35. Unisex Mortality Table

36. Unpaid Family Members (working In An Establishment)

37. unlisted company

38. Underlying Profit

39. Ultradot

40. UDN

41. User Tax

42. utility easement

43. Unduplicated Total Count Of Graduates

44. User Satisfaction Survey

45. unscheduled recast

46. Usance Draft

47. ultimate loss

48. Uncovered

49. unearned premium (UEP)

50. Uncle Sam

51. unit of trade

52. Uniform Rules for Collections

53. upgrade

54. U.S. dollar

55. Unamortized bond discount

56. Uncovered put

57. Universal life

58. Underbooked

59. Unfavorable Balance of Trade

60. unauthorized insurer

61. Unlisted

62. unseaworthiness

63. Uninvested

64. understate

65. United States Trustee

66. Usury

67. unencumbered property

68. Urban Road Passenger Enterprise

69. Unlimited Funds

70. Underinsured Motorist Endorsement

71. unimpaired surplus

72. Unpaid Labour

73. Under Reporting

74. unsponsored ADR

75. undercharge

76. Unauthorised

77. upmarket

78. Unfunded Employee Social Insurance Benefits

79. utility patent application

80. Ukraine Hryvnia

81. Universe

82. uplift

83. Uniform custodial trust act

84. USTR

85. Underconsumption

86. unlevered beta

87. Umbrella Insurance Policy

88. unplanned retention


90. Uses Approach

91. unanimously

92. Under The Influence

93. Uniform Bank Performance Report (UBPR)

94. Undocumented Immigrant

95. Unit Of Measure Used - MetaStore

96. unlock

97. Unconsolidated Subsidiary

98. United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)

99. Unleaded Motor Gasoline

100. Unit Labour Costs - OECD

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Categories: Banking,

nouna sudden reduction or loss of value Examplesa fall in the exchange rate • a fall in the price of gold • a fall on the stock exchange • Profits showed a 10 per cent fall.verbto be reduced suddenly to a lower price or value ExamplesShares fell on the market today. • Gold shares fell 10 per cent or fell 45 cents on the stock exchange. • The price of gold fell for the second day running. • The pound fell against the euro.to happen or to take place ExampleThe public holiday falls on a Tuesday.Usagepayments which fall duepayments which are now due to be made"...market analysts described the falls in the second half of last week as a technical correction to the market" [Australian Financial Review]"...for the first time since mortgage rates began falling in March a financial institution has raised charges on homeowner loans" [Globe and Mail (Toronto)]"...interest rates were still falling as late as June, and underlying inflation remains below the government's target of 2.5 per cent" [financial times]

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4. Audit Committee
5. Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)
6. U.S. Treasury Securities
7. ConsensusDOCS
8. Dollar-weighted Rate Of Return
9. Weighted Stock Index
10. Ordinance Or Law Coverage

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