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Financial terms starting with "V"

1. Versus Cash

2. volume of business

3. Valuable Papers Insurance

4. vitreous china

5. Vertical Supply Linkages

6. value added monthly index

7. VI

8. Valuation Allowance

9. Vehicular Manslaughter

10. Vanilla issue

11. violation

12. vent pipe

13. Variable Rate Mortgage

14. Viatical Settlement Companies

15. voluntary alienation

16. Vocation

17. VAT inspector

18. Vehicle Restraint Systems

19. Variable Sampling Fraction

20. Voir Dire

21. Vig

22. vanity

23. variance swap

24. Void For Vagueness

25. Value-Based Pricing

26. vestibule

27. Village Of Euclid V. Amber Realty (1926)

28. vanishing premium policy

29. voltage drop

30. valuable

31. Variable-rate loan

32. verify

33. Volumes At Constant Exchange Rates Of Period T-1

34. Visitors

35. Volenti Non Fit Injuria

36. vote

37. Valuables

38. Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association (VEBA)

39. Voluntary Personal Pension Plans

40. Voluntary Bankruptcy

41. Voice Print

42. Variable Expenses

43. venture capitalist

44. Vasicek interest rate model

45. verbatim

46. VAT (2)

47. vacancy factor

48. Value Added Function

49. volatile thinner

50. valuable consideration

51. VINX 30

52. Vulnerable Species

53. variable coupon renewable note (VCR)

54. Value Added, Net

55. Vested Interest

56. Video-conferencing

57. VEN

58. Valuation Period

59. Valuation Ratios

60. VE

61. Visible Underemployment

62. variable interest entity (VIE)

63. vinyl flooring

64. valid deed

65. VCIS (Voice Case Information System)

66. Variable-rate CDs

67. Virtual Memory

68. value after the taking

69. Vanguard Exchange-Traded Funds

70. Vita

71. vanishing premium

72. Variable Ratio Write

73. Value-Added Reseller

74. vomma

75. Validity Error

76. Values At Constant Exchange Rates Of Period T0

77. value

78. Vendor Take-Back Mortgage

79. Vatican City Lira

80. Variable Life Insurance

81. Volume discount

82. Viral Marketing

83. VU

84. Voice-Over

85. Value Item

86. vacation home

87. variable speed drill

88. Voting Stocks

89. ventilator

90. VAT (1)

91. Value Network Analysis

92. Voluntary plan

93. Volume Of Buildings

94. vetting

95. Variable Universal Life Insurance - VUL

96. Venture Capital

97. Vote Of No Confidence

98. Volatility Trading

99. VantageScore

100. Virtual Corporation

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Continuous Net Settlement

Categories: Stocks,

In continuous net settlement, most securities transactions are finalized, or cleared and settled, within a brokerage firm. The firm's clients' orders to buy and sell are offset, or matched against each other, so that at the end of the trading day only those positions that haven't been offset internally remain to be settled. In a simplified example, all the shares of Stock A that a firm's clients bought are netted against all of the shares that its clients sold by reallocating ownership on the firm's books. Payment is handled in a similar fashion, as money is transferred from the buyers' account to the sellers'. If the firm has more buys than sells or the other way around, as is likely, it either delivers shares or receives them and makes a payment or receives it.Clearing and settlement for transactions that aren't offset are handled by an automated system through two branches of the Depository Trust & clearing corporation (DTCC), the national securities clearing corporation (NSCC), and the depository trust company (DTC).

Most popular terms

1. Stable Value Fund
2. Stale Price Arbitrage
3. Erection All Risks (EAR) Insurance
4. Severance Pay
5. Statute Of Limitations
6. Gross Margin
7. Hope Scholarship Credit
8. Office Of Compliance Inspections And Examinations (OCIE)
9. Free Cash Flows
10. Option Backdating

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