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Financial terms starting with "V"

1. VantageScore

2. Vignette

3. Values At Constant Exchange Rates Of Period T0

4. Value Added (of Oil Pipeline Enterprises)

5. Verdict

6. v-cap

7. Variance Estimation

8. Vertical Integration (of A Fishery)

9. Variable Costs

10. Variable Prepaid Forward Contracts

11. Vostro Account

12. variable speed drill

13. vacuum pump

14. volatility arbitrage

15. Value Investor

16. Vanuatu Vatu

17. Value Meaning

18. volatile thinner

19. venture capital firm

20. Value-at-risk model (VaR)

21. Vanilla Strategy

22. Vatican City Lira

23. Value-Added Network - VAN

24. Vessel-kilometre (for Inland Waterways Transport)

25. Virtual Finance

26. Valuation Reserve

27. VI

28. Voting certificate

29. Venn Diagram

30. virgin growth

31. variable maturity option

32. vitreous

33. Values At Constant International Prices Of Period T0 (at PPPs Of Period T0)

34. Variable Overhead

35. verification

36. Vendee

37. VWAP

38. versus

39. Veterans Administration (VA)

40. volume deleted

41. visible light transmittance

42. virement

43. Volumes At Constant International Prices Of Period T-1 (at PPPs Of Period T-1)

44. Volume Weighted Average Price

45. Vanguard Exchange-Traded Funds

46. Viable

47. Vanity address

48. Variable Survivorship Life Insurance

49. Variate

50. Venture Capitalists

51. value investing

52. Vocabulary

53. voidable

54. Veniremen

55. Vacant Succession

56. variable interest entity (VIE)

57. Values At Constant International Prices Of Period T-1 (at PPPs Of Period T-1)

58. Vested Benefit Obligation (VBO)

59. Variable Coupon Renewable Note - VCR

60. Vexatious Litigation

61. values

62. VINX 30

63. vesting day

64. vent system

65. VIX option

66. vertical acquisition

67. Value stock

68. VN

69. vacant space

70. variable rate note

71. Virus

72. volume moving average

73. View Ordinance

74. vetoing stock

75. vise

76. VA Loan

77. ventilation

78. Void For Vagueness

79. Valuation Clause

80. Vocational Programmes

81. Vega Neutral

82. vinyl flooring

83. Vari-speed

84. Vanilla

85. Vocation

86. Value stock fund

87. vulcanize

88. Value Added Tax (VAT) ESA

89. Volatility Trading

90. Variable-rate CDs

91. Vertical Equity

92. Virtual Corporation

93. Valuation Allowance

94. variation

95. Volume Of Trade

96. Volume Of Buildings

97. Vintage Year Effects

98. variance swap

99. Value Engineering

100. VA Mortgage

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