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Financial terms starting with "V"

1. Vintage Year Effects

2. voucher

3. VUT

4. VaR

5. Value-motivated Traders

6. variable ratio plan

7. valley flashing

8. Volume counting

9. Venture Capital

10. Visible Underemployment

11. Virtual Finance

12. vulcanize

13. VNM

14. Vistavision

15. Vulnerability

16. Viatical Settlement Provider

17. Voluntary Personal Pension Plans

18. Volatility (in Financial Markets)

19. value in exchange

20. Variable Lead Time

21. Variable Ratio Write

22. vent header

23. voting trust agreement

24. Visitor Demand

25. variance swap

26. Vita

27. Variance Estimation

28. vehicle

29. variability

30. vinyl flooring

31. Venture capital (VC)

32. Vertical Privity

33. vermiculite

34. valid contract

35. valuation date

36. variable redemption bond

37. Value Added (of Inland Waterways Transport Enterprises)

38. VGB

39. variable interest entity (VIE)

40. Value manager

41. Vendor's Lien

42. Voluntary plan

43. Void For Vagueness

44. VCIS (Voice Case Information System)

45. valuation fee

46. Valuation Mortality Table

47. Variable Survivorship Life Insurance

48. Variable Premium Life Insurance Policy

49. valley

50. Value Added, Net

51. Visa Waiver Program

52. visual right

53. VAT (1)

54. Volume Index Of Capital Services

55. Vulture fund

56. vote

57. Value Domain

58. Variable Rate Demand Note - VRDN

59. VAMI

60. Venture Capital Funds

61. vise

62. VEN

63. Value Added, Gross

64. Variable Prepaid Forward

65. variable-rate certificate of deposit

66. Vertical Integration

67. Vacancy Rate

68. Vexatious Litigation

69. Volatility Clustering

70. Valid For Past Due Balances

71. Visitation Rights

72. Voting stock

73. Variable Universal Life Insurance - VUL

74. Value-Based Pricing

75. VDU

76. Value Investment Style

77. Values At Constant International Prices Of Period T-1 (at PPPs Of Period T-1)

78. violation

79. Volcano Coverage

80. Vulnerability Analysis

81. Variable annuities

82. vanishing premium

83. Viable

84. Vertical merger

85. Variable Rate Demand Bond

86. volatile thinner

87. value-at-risk (VAR)

88. valid deed

89. Value Network

90. Value Investors

91. Vehicle-kilometre

92. Viator

93. Virtual bank

94. Valued Marine Policy

95. Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)

96. visegrip

97. Value Added Tax (VAT - applies to many countries)

98. Velocity Of Money

99. Value-Added Tax - VAT

100. Value Added

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Office Of Compliance Inspections And Examinations (OCIE)

Categories: Estate Planning, Brokerages,

The Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations ("OCIE") protects investors through administering the SEC's nationwide examination and inspection program. Examiners in Washington DC and in the Commission's 11 regional offices conduct examinations of the nation's registered entities, including broker-dealers, transfer agents, investment advisers, investment companies, the national securities exchanges, clearing agencies, the nationally recognized statistical rating organizations ("NRSRO"s), SROs such as the financial industry regulatory authority ("FINRA") and the municipal securities rulemaking board, and the public company accounting oversight board ("PCAOB"). OCIE's mission is to protect investors, ensure market integrity and support responsible capital formation through risk-focused strategies that: (1) improve compliance; (2) prevent fraud; (3) monitor risk; and (4) inform policy. The examination program plays a critical role in encouraging compliance within the securities industry, which in turn also helps to protect investors and the securities market(s) generally.

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8. Savings Bonds
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10. Dirty Bomb

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