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Financial terms starting with "V"

1. volume moving average

2. void

3. Velocity

4. Value Maximization

5. valance lighting

6. vendors endorsement

7. v-cap

8. vibration

9. valley rafter

10. vaulted ceiling

11. Vulnerability Analysis

12. Value Item

13. Voucher Check

14. variation

15. veining

16. Voodoo Accounting

17. vacuum breaker

18. Vendor's Lien

19. voltmeter

20. vest fleece

21. Video-conferencing

22. Virus

23. Vertical Integration

24. Vintage Year Effects

25. Valuation Allowance

26. VN

27. vermiculite

28. vinyl-clad window

29. Volunteer Protection Act of 1997

30. volume price trend indicator (VPT)

31. Vendor-managed Inventory (vmi)

32. Virtual bank

33. VAMI

34. Valued Policy

35. Versioning

36. Value stock

37. Venire

38. Valuation Mortality Table

39. verification of employment

40. visual rights

41. voluntary compensation maritime coverage endorsement

42. Variable Life Insurance

43. value investing

44. Vacancy Rate

45. Variable life insurance policy

46. Volume counting

47. Value Network

48. value spot

49. vacuum

50. variance rule

51. vanishing premium

52. VIX option

53. Valuing Natural Resources

54. Vita

55. Voluntary Liquidation

56. variable interest entity

57. Value Added Tax (VAT), Non-deductible

58. Void For Vagueness

59. Van (railway)

60. virgin soil

61. vinyl siding

62. velometer

63. VC

64. Value-Added Network - VAN

65. view

66. Value Of Work Put In Place (construction)

67. Vertically Integrated Enterprise

68. Valuable Papers Insurance

69. variable limit

70. Vital Statistical Record

71. Voting Shares

72. Vendor Take-Back Mortgage

73. Value fund

74. Value Weighted

75. Vehicle-kilometre (for Inland Waterways Transport)

76. Volatility Trading

77. value reporting form

78. Vested Ownership

79. VUT

80. Viatical Settlement Companies

81. Vice President

82. vintage year

83. Vanguard Exchange-Traded Funds

84. volatile thinner

85. Value Added At Factor Cost

86. Visitation Rights

87. vacant land

88. vocational rehabilitation

89. virtual storefront

90. Voluntary Reporting Requirements

91. valuable

92. voltage drop

93. Virtual Corporation

94. Variate

95. Volume Similarity Index

96. Vandalism Endorsement

97. value-at-risk (VAR)

98. Visegrad Group

99. ventilation

100. Value Added Tax (VAT), Deductible

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2. Flexible Spending Account
3. Hacker
4. Absolute Exclusions
5. Credit Default Swap
6. Section 8 Declaration Of Excusable Nonuse
7. Education Savings Account (ESA)
8. Home Equity
9. Convertible Hedge
10. Floating Excess Policy

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