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Financial terms starting with "V"

1. Voucher Check

2. Value Domain

3. Value Weights

4. Value Line, Inc.

5. vendees lien

6. Very Narrow Aisle

7. Value At Risk

8. volatile thinner

9. Version

10. voltage drop

11. Velocity

12. value line index

13. Verbal Judo

14. Vocation

15. veblen good

16. Venn Diagram

17. Valuable Papers Insurance

18. victorian style

19. vexatious litigant

20. Value stocks

21. Voluntary Occupational Pension Plans

22. Volatility risk

23. Vehicle Restraint Systems

24. vacant space

25. videoconference

26. visqueen

27. Values At Current International Prices (at Current PPPs)

28. Vital Statistics

29. Vienna Stock Exchange (VSX)

30. Value Added (for Railway Enterprises)

31. VA

32. Value-Added Reseller

33. vesting day

34. Value Added (of Inland Waterways Transport Enterprises)

35. Vulture fund

36. Volume Of Buildings

37. vendors single interest coverage

38. Variable Lead Time

39. Vancouver stock exchange (VAN)

40. Values At Constant International Prices Of Period T0 (at PPPs Of Period T0)

41. Vita

42. Vna

43. value change

44. Vacant Succession

45. Variable Life Insurance

46. Vendor

47. vacation home

48. valuable

49. Vested Benefit Obligation (VBO)

50. Victim Impact Statement

51. vault

52. VRDB

53. Valuation Of Stocks

54. vote

55. Vendor Take-Back Mortgage

56. valuable papers and records coverage

57. Vocational

58. vendors coverage

59. vacate

60. Validation Edit

61. value trap

62. Vistavision

63. Variable Costs

64. vacant

65. Virtual bank

66. VND

67. Valuation -

68. Vote Of No Confidence

69. volume rate of change

70. Viatical Settlement Provider

71. Value Added (of Oil Pipeline Enterprises)

72. Value Added Tax (VAT), Non-deductible

73. vacuum

74. Valuation Clause

75. Voting rights

76. Voir Dire

77. valuable consideration

78. Virtual currency option

79. viewdata

80. Voluntary Lien

81. voidable contract

82. Vehicular Manslaughter

83. VGB

84. Value Added Tax (VAT - applies to many countries)

85. Variate

86. Vanguard Exchange-Traded Funds

87. Variable Expenses

88. voting trust

89. valley flashing

90. vacancy permit endorsement

91. Voodoo Economics

92. velometer

93. Value Chain

94. VUV

95. Vessel-kilometre (for Inland Waterways Transport)

96. venture

97. Vested Benefit Obligation

98. Venture Capital Firms

99. Voluntary Restraint Arrangement (VRA)

100. Value Network Analysis

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