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Financial terms starting with "W"

1. wall of money

2. waterproof

3. working drawings

4. World Economic Forum 

5. working underwriter

6. Wages And Salaries In Kind

7. Winsorisation

8. Work Permit

9. wax stick

10. Weighted average life

11. weighted close

12. Window period

13. World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

14. water quality-based permit

15. web

16. Well-being/wellbeing/well being

17. Wanted for cash

18. wafer board

19. Warsaw Convention

20. Wholesale Prices Index

21. when distributed

22. widow maker

23. write

24. WTI

25. wage and hour claims

26. Wholesaler

27. World investible wealth

28. wages policy

29. Water Retaining Capacity Indicator

30. wash

31. Watch List 

32. W-4P Form

33. wallflower

34. Warehouse Receipt Arrangement

35. Water Cycle

36. Words Of Art

37. Working control

38. wall of worry

39. Workout period

40. waterstop

41. wage expense

42. wall heater

43. water quality-based limitations

44. wrapped drywall

45. Watkins V. United States (1957)

46. wage-earning

47. wire tie

48. walk-up

49. wet-bulb thermometer

50. wire cutter

51. wipeout

52. wholesale agent

53. weatherproof electrical boxes

54. Weekend effect

55. watt

56. woodwork

57. Work-in-progress On Cultivated Assets Inventories

58. warranty insurance

59. warp

60. wraparound debt

61. Water Quality Monitoring

62. Wagon For Intermodal Transport

63. World Conservation Strategy

64. wage

65. word mark

66. waterborne equipment exclusion

67. white label product

68. Wheat Crop Year

69. workshop

70. Wind Energy

71. work out

72. withholding allowance

73. Wages And Salaries In Cash

74. Waiver Of Premium For Payer Benefit

75. WR panel

76. Warrants BPM

77. walk-out basement

78. World Economic Forum

79. warehouse to warehouse clause

80. wiring

81. weighted average remaining term (WART)

82. wrap fee

83. White-corrected Standard Errors

84. wet methods

85. wet-rubbed limestone

86. weighted average rental rates

87. wax ring job

88. window buck

89. window open

90. waiver of subrogation

91. weekly chart

92. Waiver Approach

93. WIPO

94. Wet Lease

95. Weighted average remaining maturity

96. Whole loan

97. window seat

98. Warehouse Financing

99. War Damage Insurance Corporation

100. water closet

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Definition / Meaning of

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Categories: Credit and Debt, Banking,

GLB Act or GLBA. Legislation that, on one hand, allows great freedom to financial institutions in offering a full range of services and, on the other hand, imposes strict controls on how institutions share or disclose personal financial information. Signed into law in 1999 by President Clinton, GLBA repeals the key provisions of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 and the bank holding company Act of 1956 that barred banks from securities trading and insurance business. In its corporate aspect, the act introduces two new organization types - the financial holding company and the financial subsidiary. Under these provisions, banks, insurance companies, securities trading companies, and other types of financial institutions can together exist as one consolidated corporate entity. In its consumer aspect, the GLBA authorizes the states and eight federal agencies to monitor all collectors and holders of personal financial information, and to enforce the financial privacy rule, safeguards rule, and 'pretexting' (obtaining personal information under false pretext) rule. These rules apply also to any entity that offers any type of financial product or service, including brokers, debt collectors, credit counselors, financial advisors, small lenders, and tax-return preparers. The GLBA gives consumers some control over how their financial information is used and disclosed (beyond the purpose for it was collected) via the opt-out provision that lets them choose the option of not divulging this information.

Most popular terms

1. Filing Basis
2. Covenant Not To Sue
3. Disclosure
4. Convertible Hedge
5. Family Of Funds
6. Weather Derivative
7. Systematic Withdrawal
8. Bankruptcy Proceedings
9. Direct Investment
10. Broad-base Index

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