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1. wax stick

2. works committee

3. widely held fixed investment trust (WHFIT)

4. Wash sale

5. Wealth Condensation

6. Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004

7. Windfall

8. World Bank Group

9. wind bracing

10. W.P. Carey School of Business

11. well casing

12. Warsaw Convention

13. wares

14. Withdrawal Value

15. Withdrawal Of A Corporation

16. Walkie Or Walkie-rider

17. Window dressing

18. Wrongful Termination In Violation Of Public Policy

19. walkaway risk

20. with-profit bond

21. wrap-around policy

22. White squire

23. Working

24. wheel dresser

25. water-thinned paint

26. Weight (for Sea Transport)

27. Wage Drift

28. weighted average equity

29. wall box setback

30. Wholesale Prices Index

31. Weak market

32. Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index

33. Wraparound

34. WTO

35. WACC

36. wrongful death claim

37. Warrants SNA

38. water repellent preservative

39. Wages And Salaries In Cash

40. waste stack

41. world

42. war exclusion

43. Weight Reference Period

44. winter degree day

45. Wage And Labour Costs

46. Working capital ratio

47. wall coping

48. World Economic Outlook

49. wood-frame construction

50. White Noise

51. WCT

52. weekly mortgage applications survey

53. Water Damage Legal Liability Insurance

54. web connection

55. Working control

56. Workers In Short-term Employment

57. Warehouse Lending

58. wholesale banking

59. Wiener B&#ouml;rse (Austrian Stock Exchange)

60. White Knight

61. warehouse to warehouse clause

62. wire nut

63. Wal-Mart Effect

64. wash trade

65. with average 3 percent (WA 3%)

66. When issued (W.I.)

67. water supply system

68. waterfall concept

69. wage price spiral

70. Wonderboard

71. Wall Street Journal

72. weld bead

73. W

74. Wet Lease

75. Wallet

76. WAN

77. whitewash resolution

78. World investible wealth

79. wetlands

80. Wallpaper

81. Writer

82. WTI

83. Whisper number

84. wet plaster

85. Web Wrap Agreement

86. Writ Of Mandate (Mandamus)

87. wall to wall carpeting

88. wage

89. Warranties and Representations

90. Wms

91. window buck

92. wire glass

93. Wells Fargo

94. Water Pollution Liability

95. Worst case scenario

96. whistleblower claim

97. World Equity Benchmark Series (WEBS)

98. World Conservation Strategy

99. windshake

100. wipeout

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Health Savings Account (HSA)

Categories: Finance,

A health savings account is designed to accumulate tax-free assets to pay current and future healthcare expenses. To open an HSA, you must have a qualifying High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) either through your employer or as an individual.If you have an employer's plan, your contributions to the HSA are made with pretax income, and your employer may contribute as well. If you have an individual plan, you may deduct your contributions in calculating your adjusted gross income (AGI).Congress sets an annual limit on the amount you can contribute to an HSA, which you set up with a financial institution such as a bank, brokerage firm, insurance company, or mutual fund company that offers these accounts.No tax is due on money you withdraw from the HSA to pay qualified medical expenses such as doctor's visits, hospital care, eyeglasses, dental care, and medications for yourself, your spouse, and your dependants.Any money that's left over in your HSA at the end of the year is rolled over and continues to accumulate tax-free earnings, which you can use for future healthcare costs.Once you're 65, you can use the money in the HSA for non-medical expenses without paying a penalty, but you'll owe income taxes on those withdrawals. If you are younger than 65, you can also spend from your HSA on non-medical expenses, but you'll owe income taxes plus a 10% tax penalty on the amount you take out.

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1. Immigration Violation Coverage Endorsement
2. Mortgage-backed Security
3. Credit Default Swap
4. Charitable Remainder Trust
5. Pension
6. Expiration Cycle
7. Continuous Net Settlement
8. Stale Price Arbitrage
9. Additional Insured
10. Management Liability Insurance

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