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Financial terms starting with "W"

1. W.P. Carey School of Business

2. watt

3. workflow

4. Win-Win

5. Window

6. Wobbler

7. World Trade Organisation (WTO)

8. Weak market

9. white wire

10. Wet Lease

11. Work Made For Hire

12. Workable Competition

13. Weight Of Evidence

14. weighted average maturity

15. wash

16. war risk clause

17. washing down

18. wire mesh

19. Windfall profit

20. wipeout

21. with average (WA)

22. wet-pipe sprinkler system

23. waterproof switch

24. window close

25. Warehouse receipt

26. Wind bond

27. Waterfall Payment

28. wash primer

29. waste pipe and vent

30. Warranty Of Fitness

31. Weak Sustainability

32. woven hip

33. Writing cash-secured puts

34. World Trade Organization (WTO)

35. weak dollar policy

36. Withdrawal Ratio

37. wood putty

38. weatherization

39. Willingness To Accept

40. Weighted Moving Average

41. widow's allowance

42. Weathering

43. wiring plan

44. water-thinned paint

45. water hammer

46. Wall Street Journal

47. Warehouser's Liability Form

48. wheeler-dealer

49. waiver

50. Workers' Compensation

51. White Noise

52. Water Damage Insurance

53. wide-flange beam

54. water heater

55. W-4S Form

56. warranty of habitability

57. W-9S Form

58. warrant premium

59. Walras' Law

60. working week

61. Warning Bulletin

62. Water Treatment

63. WTO

64. wrongful death claim

65. Waiver Of Premium For Payer Benefit

66. win/loss ratio

67. Weight (for Inland Waterways Transport)

68. wet sanding

69. wet-sand cleaning

70. water pipe

71. wedding insurance

72. Writ Of Execution

73. work out

74. Whisper number

75. wholesale agent

76. window light

77. working drawing

78. Watercraft Nonowned Insurance

79. Waiver Of Notice

80. wraparound loan

81. western union splice

82. wealth tax

83. wood vise

84. wet wall

85. window shade

86. Winding Up A Corporation

87. Wooded Land And Associated Surface Water

88. workshop

89. whole house fan

90. Wraparound

91. workmanlike

92. window frame

93. window sash

94. Within-sector Selection Return

95. wind bracing

96. widely held fixed investment trust (WHFIT)

97. Written Premiums

98. write

99. Working away

100. whole life

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Definition / Meaning of

National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations System

Categories: Stocks, Investing and Trading, Brokerages,

Nasdaq. A computerized system established by the NASD to facilitate trading by providing broker/dealers with current bid and ask price quotes on over-the-counter stocks and some listed stocks. Unlike the Amex and the NYSE, the Nasdaq (once an acronym for the national association of securities dealers Automated Quotation system) does not have a physical trading floor that brings together buyers and sellers. Instead, all trading on the Nasdaq exchange is done over a network of computers and telephones. Also, the Nasdaq does not employ market specialists to buy unfilled orders like the NYSE does. The Nasdaq began when brokers started informally trading via telephone; the network was later formalized and linked by computer in the early 1970s. In 1998 the parent company of the Nasdaq purchased the Amex, although the two continue to operate separately. Orders for stock are sent out electronically on the Nasdaq, where market makers list their buy and sell prices. Once a price is agreed upon, the transaction is executed electronically.

Most popular terms

1. Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SARBOX, SOX, SOx) Of 2002
2. Mortgage Impairment Insurance
3. Stale Price Arbitrage
4. U.S. Treasury Securities
5. Use-based Application
7. Terms Of Reference
8. Portable Benefits
9. Expiration Cycle
10. Fiduciary

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