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Financial terms starting with "W"

1. wetlands

2. wall tie

3. Wrap-Around Mortgage

4. Whistleblogger

5. widespread

6. Weight (of Goods Carried By Rail)

7. water quality-based permit

8. white coat

9. widow's allowance

10. Wild card option

11. Wrongful Death

12. white metal

13. weighted average

14. Wage Attachment

15. window sill

16. western union splice

17. Working away

18. W.P. Carey School of Business

19. War chest

20. Weighted Average Cost Method

21. wages payable

22. WWW

23. Weighted stock index

24. wholesale agent

25. widow maker

26. Woody

27. wattage

28. waiver of inventory

29. Wraparound annuity

30. WARN Act exclusion

31. Wholesale

32. water down

33. wall box

34. World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

35. World Economic Outlook

36. W-2AS Form

37. washing

38. When issued (W.I.)

39. waterfront property

40. Wilshire 4500

41. working layer

42. wind bracing

43. With Particular Average (WPA)

44. Warehouse Control System

45. Work-in-progress, Inventories Of

46. wye

47. window wall

48. Waive escrows

49. War Risk

50. weak

51. withdraw

52. Waste Disposal

53. Water Quality

54. water pressure

55. wood sash putty

56. well control insurance

57. whole life

58. Workers In Seasonal Employment

59. Watch List 

60. Wear And Tear Exclusion

61. World Export / Import Volumes

62. weep screed

63. western framing

64. Words Of Art

65. wire brad

66. work force

67. Wiener Borse (Austrian Stock Exchange)

68. when distributed

69. water spot

70. Working Time Directive

71. wheelbarrow

72. war exclusion

73. waiver of recourse endorsement

74. Working capital ratio

75. working ratio

76. wind

77. Walk-Away Lease

78. Win-Win

79. workers compensation catastrophe cover

80. Water Quality Accounts

81. Wonderboard

82. Wealth Effects

83. William D. Ford Direct Lending Program

84. warehouse

85. wholesale money

86. Writ Of Execution

87. weatherstrip

88. without prejudice

89. Water Exclusion Clause

90. wall plate

91. water stain

92. wood lathe

93. wire size

94. With Full Recourse

95. wind up

96. wet-sand cleaning

97. weekly chart

98. Wi-Fi

99. Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index

100. wet sanding

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2. Audit Committee
3. No-load Mutual Fund
4. Stale Price Arbitrage
5. CollegeSure CD
6. Standard & Poor's Depositary Receipt (SPDR)
7. Rating Bureau
8. Right Of Recourse Provision
9. Dilution
10. Lifetime Learning Credit

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